Small Businesses

As a Small Business, we understand that your time is valuable and limited. Aflah is able to deal with the ins and outs of the accounts of small businesses; we are ready to achieve the very best results from our very first meeting.

Those who run a Small Business know that keeping up with the accounts, expenses and finances are a crucial element of the business. Why not contact one of our team today to seek expert advice and assistance with the finances of your Small Business?


For a Contractor, choosing the right accounting option and getting the best deal can be a challenge. Here at Aflah, we have 9 years’ experience working with Contractors so you need not worry.

Our Accountants are here to work through every detail as well as adapting to suit the needs of each and every individual Contractor; to ensure an outstanding accounting service is provided.

Let Aflah take care of everything for you.


Aflah understands how Freelancers work and operate. We can provide a service that is tailored to suit you and your accountancy needs. Aflah has vast experience of working with Freelancers and the Freelance industry.

Our team are able to provide seamless, high quality expertise; which allows you to have peace of mind and focus your valuable energy on your work.


We understand that Landlords are busy and keeping on top of your finances is very time-consuming: Aflah have worked with many Landlords and provided specialist support using leading accounting software.

Whether you own one or numerous properties, we will be able to manage the day-to-day accounts and finances for you to ensure that your properties are working tax-efficiently and effectively.

Sole Traders

Sole traders are classed as self-employed; as a result, they have a unique set of tax rules and regulations to adhere to. Keeping accounts of a business is incredibly important and it must be done right.

A Sole Trader’s time can be stretched and limited which is why it is important for them to have a hardworking, dedicated and professional expert helping them with their accounts. Here is where Aflah come in. We offer expert, quality advice and ensure that issues such as tax and financial recording are done for you.

Limited Companies

Limited companies have a wide range of criteria to follow to ensure that their company is tax efficient and follow the rules and regulations set by the HMRC.

There are also penalties for any errors that may occur. To avoid the risk of getting it wrong, we will provide you with assistance and advice. We will ensure that you stay on top of your accounts and that every rule is adhered to. Our Chartered Accountants are there for you and your company.

Our aim is to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients which will provide much benefit to your company.

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